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Rubber Fender

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There are two types of D-Series rubber fender, one is with a cylindrical bore inside and the other one is with a “D” shaped bore inside. Designed for use on tugs and barges, they offer long term durability for applications where repeated compression cycles are encountered in pushing service. They also offer the excellent physical characteristics needed to handle the high loading which occurs both on initial contact, and throughout the service cycle.

It could be equipped both at the smaller and at the top front of the harbor as the second defense line together with the other fenders. Normally, it should be equipped continuously so as to avoid the direct impact by the ships when abnormal harboring happens.

D Type Rubber Fenders can be pre-curved, chamfered and drilled to aid installation at a relatively low cost and can also be cut to the length required. These fenders provide an excellent barrier against damage from all sizes and shapes of vessels.

There will be DO, DD types, the size will be DO280mm to DO300mm and DD100MM to DD500mm.

Cone Type

1.Cone type rubber fender is the 3rd generation of cell type rubber fender,the structure more reasonable,deflection can reach 70%,the equal specification fender energy absorb raise one more times,long life can reduce the cost of the dock project.

2.While vessel angular berthing,the performance basicly unchanged.

3.Front panel set in the margin of fender,it can lower the surface pressure of the vessel side board,the surface pressure can be controlled at below 200KN  /m2

It apply for large vessel berthing.

4.UHMW-PE installed in front of front panel,it can reduce the friction factor between vessel and fender,and lower the shear strength while vessel berthing,and raising the fender using life.

5.It apply for low reaction force,high energy absorbtion doct and that using supper cell rubber fender all dock.the style of installation variety. Easily be installed.

Size: Cone 500mm to Cone 1800mm


1: Cylindrical type rubber fender has low reaction force, little surface pressure, reasonable energy absorb.

2: Cylindrical fender is applicable for longitudinal and crosswise sway of ships while berth at the dock.

3: Cylindrical fender is applicable for ships with different sizes and different docks.

4: Various installations styles can be adopted and easily reparation.

Among the first elastomeric types to be applied to wharf for vessel protection. They are economical, easy installed and they can be used with or without outer wale.

The Energy Absorption (EA) Load curves of Cylindrical Fender are cubic (compression type) pattern, lacking the efficient Energy Absorption (EA) characteristics of buckling column fender.

Cylindrical Fender can often be installed at less cost than types having equal energy capacity. They offer a means of lowering fender costs when there is a large variation in the size of incoming vessel.

Size: D150mm to D2000mm

Foam Fender


1.High Energy, Low Reaction 


3.Strong Reinforcement

4.Wear Resistant

5.Enhancing Port Ability

Size : Dia300 to Dia3000mm

GD Type

1  GD type rubber fender is a new typer fender on the basis of D type fender innovation, GD type fender enlarge fender bottom width and pre-built-in steel plate mount, it can be fixed with double bolts, the strength of installation and utility life is much more improved than D type fender.

2 Higher reaction force and energy absorption than D type fender.

3 It applies for frame style dock, and easily installation and repair.


1.high suitable for the large wharf

2.Rubber fender is a kind of protection facility suitable to be installed on the wharf. It can be absorbed the energy upon ship alongside and reducing the impact strength to ensure the structure of vessel and wharf harmless.

3.Rubber fenders are the simplest and most appropriate solution for a wide range of applications in areas used as wharf moorage, guaranteeing long lasting performance and requiring no maintenance. Their innovative design assures high performance, fast and easy moorage, and maximum ship stability even in situations of extreme stress, thanks to the vulcanized steel plates placed on the base and completely covered with rubber.

Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Pneumatic rubber fender makes use of compressed air as buffering medium, and absorbs impaction energy of ships. Compared with common compression type, Pneumatic rubber fender has the follow advantages: 

*absorbing more energy,

*having smaller counteracting force,more contact area with ships

*smaller pressure on ships per unit, pneumatic rubber fender's capability not reducing when being leaned and compressed, and simple installation.

*Suitable for ship berthing of all directions, currently pneumatic floating fender has been widely used in 

*many types of ship berthing, and it is also suitable for the berthing in ports.

Size: D300mm to D4500mm

Roll Rubber Fender

1.Roller type rubber fender main character:fender can roll with fender remove,and generate a certain deformation.

2. Roller type fender mainly used in dock,water lock,different limitation water chanel,and dock,sticking out corner etc.

Size: 600*200mm to 2400*800mm

Super Arch Rubber Fender

super arch type marine rubber fender embedded steel mount and nut on the top of fender,it connect front panel,UHMW-PE face pad installed outside of front panel,it lower frictionfactor between vessel and fender, invoid of vessel damage,and raise the utility of fender life.

Size: The height could be 200mm to 1000mm, the length could be 1000mm to 3500mm

Supper Cell Rubber Fender

Cell  fender system is a well established fender type.This fender has a hollow cylindrical body with fully rubber-embedded mounting flanges and is designed to deflect in an axial dircttion.Originally designed to replace cylindrical fender,these fenders have more than 30 years track record with only some minor improvements over the years.Cell fender are very robust and have been used for decades in many ports around the world.The Css style fender's well-known and admired characteristics includes:

*Good energy absorption to reaction force ratio

*Integrated and fully-embedded fender flanges make assembly & installation simple.

*Large fender footprint with good force distribution could lead to relative light panel constuction.

*Good shear force resistance due to the large diameter of the fender flanges

Size: H400mm to H3000mm

TT Type Rubber Fender

1 TT type rubber fender larger rated compression, higher energy absorb.Fender energy absorption raise 10% or so than super arch type rubber fender.

2 Fender installation flexible,it can adopt crosswise, longitudinal, combination etc style, it can meet the requirement of different docks.

3 Front panel set on front pad fender. It can lower the surface pressure of vessel side board.

4 UHMW-PE set in front of panel, it can lower friction factor between vessel and fender, lower the shear strength while vessel berthing, and raise utility of fender life.

5 After fender adopt combination style, slant compression performance changeable very little.

Fender length is 900,1000,1500,2000m, her specification ca be manufactured upon users' request.

Tug Marine Rubber Fender

Tub Boat rubber fenders are usedi n all kinds of tug ships, go in for pushing, standing, stretching and leaning etc operation. It adpot compeltely vulcanization technology, good perfermance, long life utility, easily installation.

Size: Φ 300× Φ 150×L to Φ 900× Φ 450×L

W Type Rubber Fender

The W Type Marine Fender is one of the most successful fenders in the world today. It has a unique 'open bore' design which makes installation very simple. The flexible legs allow W-fenders to be curved around most hull shapes.


1.High energy absorption and low reaction force.

2.Reasonable structure and long useful life.

3.Be installed firmly and replaced easily.

4.Length can be as per client's requirement.


Type W Rubber Fender Advantage:

1.Made of tough wear resistant synthetic rubber to withstand the most severe service.

2.Provide wide flexibility in design, allowing custom fit to hull curves and varying vertical coverage requirements.


1.Material: NR, EPDM.

2.Colour: Black

3.Production Method: Extruded or Vulcanized . 

4.Various installations styles such as horizontal vartical and diagonal etc. 

5.Sizes: Customer's design and specifications are accepted.


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