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Propulsion System

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Yushuo helps the shipyards and ship owners to provide economic, highly efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the propulsion system for kinds of ships. We have a professional team for design and manufacture. The test procedure is extremely strict, which could be inspected by any one of IACS, including CCS, ABS, BV, DNVGL, etc.

The product scope includes propeller, shafting system, stern tube, coupling, sealing device, stuffing box, nozzle and also rudder, etc.

Application: bulker carrier, container ship, tugboat, tanker, LNGC, cruises, fishing boat, etc.


Yushuo has dedicated in design and manufacture of marine propeller for years. With modern design and processing technics, we supply variety of propellers, which is made from stainless steel, manganese bronze (Cu1) nickel manganese bronze (Cu2), nickel aluminum bronze (Cu3), manganese aluminum bronze (Cu4) and other bronze alloy. The customized design according to the specific vessel will be more efficient and economic with better performance.

According to the pitch of the propeller, it can be fixed pitch propeller and controllable pitch propeller. The controllable pitch propeller is available with a wide range of hub size according to different power for both 4 blades and 5 blades. However, the fixed pitch propeller can be blades number of 3 to 7.

Propeller Shaft

A propeller shaft, also named stern shaft or tail shaft, plays an important role in transferring power from the main engine to the propeller, to make the vessel reach enough thrust. Yushuo has the capabilities to machine shafts up to 12M long and 450mm diameter including SAE tapered propeller end and coupling end. The material for shafts can be marine grade forged steel and stainless steel.

The surface treatment can be rough machined and finish machined, which is with the tolerances according to SOLAS standards or other requirements of the clients. After the polishing of the finish machined, we will have the fleximetry test on surface and blue contact for the propeller nut and coupling.

Stern Tube

The stern tube is normally made of cast iron slightly larger at the forward end to ease removal. The forward end is flanged and bolted to a doubler plate, stiffened aft peak bulkhead. The forward end is supplied with a stuffing box and gland, the after end is with a bearing comprising lignum vitae or similar. The material of the stern tube is normally the marine grade seamless steel tube.

There are two kinds of lubrication systems for the stern tube: water lubrication and oil lubrication. For water lubricated bearing not less than 4 x the diameter of the steel shaft. If the bearing is over 380mm diameter forced water lubrication must be used, a circulating pump or other source with water flow indicator.

Intermediate Shaft

The intermediate shaft is used for transmitting torque. It is the bridge between the propeller shaft and the gearbox, which keeps the stable torque. Moreover, it is much more convenient to have the maintenance of the shafting with an intermediate shaft in the propulsion system. It always equipped with an intermediate shaft bearing.

The material is always be marine grade forged steel or stainless steel.

Hydraulic Coupling

The shaft coupling is the component which joins the propeller shaft to the gearbox output flange. Some are bolted directly to the gearbox but many installers use a flexible couple, such as R&D flexible couplings, which would then bolt to the gearbox. Our range includes couplings for most popular transmission types, bored for imperial or metric shafts.

Besides the standard coupling, the Solid Half Coupling, Clamp on or Split Half Coupling, Bobbin Coupling and Coupling Adapters are also available.

Intermediate Shaft Bearing

The intermediate shaft bearing is used for the vessel, which is installed with intermediate shaft in the propulsion system. It is suitable for the shaft with diameter from 80mm to 800mm.

Type: rolling type, gliding type, wedge gliding type, DTZ large pressure self-aligning type, etc.

Model number: JT4175, JT/T259, GB/T 14364-93, TZ & DTZ, etc.

Sealing Device

The sealing device, full named stern shaft-sealing device, is one of the most important parts of the shaft system. Its performance will protect both the vessel, and the environment. Besides, the sealing device, Yushuo also supply the Type A, B and C marine stuffing box (JT4174).

There are two main stern shaft-sealing devices: water lubrication stern shaft sealing device and oil lubrication stern shaft sealing device.

Marine Jet Water Propulsion Pump

ZLB18 Marine jet water propulsion pump is used for the main propulsion equipment for high speed patrol boats, yachts and other small speed boats. High efficiency, can meet the requirements of high navigation speed, flat bottom with the bottom of the ship, small resistance, shallow draft. The impeller is running at high speed in the shell, good protection, simple installation and small noise.


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