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Panama Chock

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Panama Chock

The Panama Chock is commonest one of mooring chocks, or called mooring pipes, which is the ship’s mooring and towing equipment installed on the shipside to lead the mooring or towing rope from the ship’s inboard to outboard. Yushuo’s Panama Chock in designed and manufactured according to the requirement of ISO13728, which requires the yield strength of the chock material ( cast steel) should not less than 235N/mm2. The foundation of the Panama Chocks shall be determined by considering the actual load direction.

Besides the Panama Chock, Yushuo also manufactures other mooring chocks, including JIS F-2005 type closed chock, JIS F-2006 type open chock, and EU type towing chock, etc.

Standard for Panama Chock: DIN81915 & JIS F-2017

Type: Deck Mounted & Bulwark Mounted


The bollard is a post used on ship’s deck or quay. It is a simple and cost-effective way to fulfill mooring requirements and safely secure vessels alongside jetties, berths, wharves and dolphins in ports and harbors. It is welded by qualified steel tubes with plates.

Different types and sizes of the bollards are available, including the single cruciform bollard, double cruciform bollard, NS2584 type bollard, DIN 82607 type bollard, JIS F-2001 type bollard, and other customized type bollard according to the requirement of clients.


Dock Bollard

The dock bollards are secured on the dock for mooring by bolts. They can with different shapes of foundation, which is decided by our clients.

Material: Cast Steel & Cast Iron

SWL Capacity: Up to 250T

Type: Kidney Bollard, Staghorn Bollard, Tee Type Bollard, Y Type Bollard, J Type Bollard, R Type Bollard, Curved Type Bollard, and CVI Type Bollard, etc.


Swivel Head Fairlead

Yushuo’s swivel head fairlead is one kind of fairleads with 360 degree rotation head. The swivel head fairlead includes the foundation, main cylinder (body), and sheave device. It is also has high flexibility because of its free rotation, to satisfy the fairlead needs from different directions.

The foundation of the swivel head fairlead can be both welded and bolted to the deck or dock. We supply a variety of sizes and type of the heavy-duty swivel head fairleads, such as A38, A39, A40, etc.

Roller Fairlead

The roller fairlead, or roller head fairlead, is also called multi angle fairlead. The roller fairlead is a lead device for the wire rope or nylon rope from inboard to outboard or oppositely. It will reduce the friction between the hull and the ropes and change the direction of the ropes by different arrangement of the rollers.

Yushuo can supply a variety of roller fairleads, like CB 3062 type (including 3 rollers, 4 rollers, 5 rollers, 7 rollers, 9 rollers) and JIS F-2026 type (including 4 rollers and 5 rollers).

Pedestal Fairlead Roller

Yuhsuo’s pedestal fairlead rollers are manufactured according to the standard of DIN81907. As the standard, there are commonly two types of pedestals, type A cylindrical pedestal and type B conical pedestal. Apart from the two standard pedestals, other options such as square or customized pedestals according to the requirement of clients are available.

Warping Roller

The warping rollers are used to deflect mooring ropes on board of ships. The warping rollers are with bronze bearings for a long working life. The rollers are made of qualified marine cast steel with flaw on surface. Varieties of warping rollers from different standards are available, such as JIS F-2014, DIN 81906, NS2585, etc.

Guide Sheave

The sheaves for mooring is also called guide sheaves, which is always used as one of the fairleads for mooring. It allows various reeving arrangements to lead wire or rope from the winch, around any obstacles on deck and into the fairlead. According to the requirement of clients, there can be a foundation with different sizes for the guide sheave.

Type: horizontal guide sheave and vertical guide sheave.


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