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Hydrophore Tank

Know details


YLG series marine hydrophore tank is appropriate for the water supply system (fresh water and sea water) on board.


Principle description 

The device uses the pressure water pumped by water pump in tank to compress air so as to keep the water in tank under a proper pressure for the use on board.

Liquid level meter: to show the water level condition in tank.

Pressure gauge: to show the pressure in tank.

Pressure controller: to control the start and stop of water pump. When the pressure in tank is under 0.4Mpa, the water pump will start to feed water into tank until the pressure reaches 0.6Mpa.

Safety valve: When the pressure in tank is more than 0.63Mpa, the safety valve will open to release the pressure in tank.

Charge valve: to charge the compressed air into tank.

Discharging valve: to empty the water in tank when maintaining.


Main technical requirements  

Volume: 0.12-3.0m3

Working pressure: 0.6MPa

Design pressure: 0.7MPa

Strength test pressure: 1.05MPa

Air tightness test pressure: 0.875MPa

Open pressure of safety valve: 0.63MPa

Working temperature: 0~45℃

Design temperature: 50℃

ZYG Marine Hydrophore Tank With Pumps

Marine ZYG Series Combination Hydrophore Tank With Pumps can used pressure water tank and sanitary water tank for ships, and, it also can be used pressure water equipment of living water of high building and large mansions with air compressor.


Marine ZYG Series Combination Hydrophore Tank Principle Description is as follows: The first starting pump to supplied water in tank and stop working if to see water level at glass tube. Filling compressed air though filling valve into the tank. and stop aerating if pressure going up 0.25Mpa, starting pump to supplied water into tank again, the pressure controller working. Turned off-position if pressure going up 0.4Mpa, the pump stops working. The pressure controller works again if the pressure dropped off 0.25Mpa, and the pump working again, this is self-control of the tank.The main characteristic of the tank is can be reserved air, and making to fill air compression.

ZYGS Marine Combination Hydrophore Tank With Pumps


This series sea water and fresh water combined pressure water tank,an integration of sea water tank, fresh water tank,pump and valve pipe, is the best water supply unit that is applicable to various types of sea water and fresh water piping water supply systems. They are modular unit, compact structure,beautiful shape and easy installation and maintenance.

DRG Marine Electric Calorifier 

This series are suitable for heating water on the ship or platform, heated fresh water for crew use. It can be combined to use with fresh water pressure tank on board, namely use fresh water to renew the stock of hot water tank, and then heated by electric for usage of entire vessel.


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