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Accommodation Ladder

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Aluminum Accommodation Ladder

The aluminum accommodation ladder is an access between the ship and port for passengers and the crew with the width walking space of 600mm. The accommodation ladder is commonly be fixed arc step type, however, it also can be telescopic type if there is no enough stowing space for its length on the deck. And it also can be detachable type if it is too long to transport, just need to be connected by two marine grade steel plates with screws. It is also used with the pilot rope ladder, named pilot assist ladder or pilot accommodation ladder, as a pilot ladder system.

The ladder frame, lower platform and stanchions are aluminum ally. Nevertheless, the upper platform, turning table, posts, davit and turning device is made of marine grade steel because they should be with enough strength and hardness. The transmission pipe is always made of marine grade seamless steel pipe.

From the stowing method, the aluminum accommodation ladder can be divided into horizontal stowing type and vertical stowing type. The working angle for the accommodation ladder is 30 to 55 degree. The safety-working load of the ladder frame is 75KG per step. We design and manufacture the aluminum accommodation ladder as the standard of ISO5488-79 and GB/T14360-93. All the accommodation ladders from Yushuo can be certified by anyone of IACS, including BV, NKK, ABS, RINA, KR, CCS, DNVGL, LR, etc.

Type: Fixed arc step type, telescopic type and detachable type

Stowing method: vertical type, horizontal type, and turnover type

Wharf Ladder

Wharf ladder is also called gangway, which is the passage between ship and port or between ship and ship with the max. working angle of 30 degree on horizon. The wharf ladder is made of marine grade aluminum alloy, which will be anodized after the manufacture, or marine grade steel, which will be galvanized. The safety-working load of the wharf ladder is 400KG per square meter.

The width of the wharf ladder is normally 600mm, but it also can be 800mm, 1000mm or 1200mm as the requirement of the clients. The wharf ladders from Yuhsuo are all in accordance with the standard of ISO7061-93 and CB*Z92-91. It is one end with hook to fixed on the ship and another end with roller on the port or other ship.

The wharf ladder can be divided into flat-plate type wharf ladder, beam truss wharf ladder, accommodation ladder type wharf ladder and detachable wharf ladder.


Pilot Rope Ladder

The pilot rope ladder is a way to embark or disembark from the pilot boat to ship for a pilot. According to the requirement of SOLAS1974, the ladder steps are made of hard wood or aluminum alloy, but the lowest four steps are in rudder. All steps are anti-skid type.

The side ropes are 22mm diameter manila ropes. The length of the spreader is 1800mm. The steps are in 525mm long, 115mm wide and 25mm thick.


Type: Aluminum Pilot Rope Ladder & Wooden Pilot Rope Ladder

Embarkation Rope Ladder

The embarkation ladder is used for the emergency situation on the ship, so it is also called escape rope ladder and emergency rope ladder. Nevertheless, the embarkation rope ladder is also used for crew’s getting in and out the vessel in general situation.

The embarkation rope ladder is manufactured as the requirement of ISO5489-2008 and CB/T428-93. The steps are made of hardwood or aluminum alloy, but the last four steps are in rubber. But all steps are in anti-skid type. JIS standard aluminum embarkation rope ladder is also available.


Type: Aluminum Embarkation Rope Ladder & Wooden Embarkation Rope Ladder

Accommodation Ladder Winch

The accommodation ladder winch is a device used for the lifting and lowering of the aluminum accommodation ladder on ship. It is instead of the davit for the lifting device, because it will cost less space on the deck. It is always installed at the side of the davit, but it also can be installed on the davit.

For different driving power, the accommodation ladder winch can be divided into electric type and air motor type. For the working load, Yushuo can supply 10KN, 16KN and other working load winch according to the specific requirement of the clients.


Common Working Load: 10KN, 16KN, & 20KN

Driving Power: Electric Motor, Air Motor & Manual


Pilot Ladder Reel

Pilot Ladder Reel is the device used for lifting and lowering the pilot rope ladder. The pilot ladder reel can supply with the rail, which is decided by the arrangement on deck.


Driving Power: Electric Motor, Air Motor & Manual


Pilot Ladder Magnet

The Pilot Ladder Magnet, also called Hull Magnets, designed to withstand aggressive marine environments, have no internal moving parts or entry points for seawater, which is a natural enemy of neodymium magnet material. It is used for clamping, positioning and holding the pilot ladder. It has been specially developed to make life safer for sea harbor pilot by providing removable anchor points for the ladder on the ship’s side.

Pilot ladder magnets are also used to anchor floating oil spill booms and maintenance vessels, which is known as Boom Magnets.


* High visibility

* High gripping force

* Good flexibility




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